June 3, 2023


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Web Design Rules Your Homepage Should Follow

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Web Design has become a subject of discussion these days. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about how a website should be designed. What are the Web Design Rules Your Homepage Should Follow? Do they apply to a homepage or are they just another design choice like everything else? Let us take a look and find out. 

The Visual Hierarchy

The most essential rule in web design is the visual hierarchy. Visually, a web page becomes a navigational guide, a map of sorts, where all the content is located and displayed. Since the visitor of that page is usually the only one who ever clicks on the mouse, user-centred web design has set up the visual hierarchy as such: everything about a web page is arranged in a logical order, so that what a visitor sees first, he/she will always see later. After all, if visitors can easily reach the sections that they need, it would no longer matter where those sections are, since they would always end up at the top of the page.

Site Navigation

According to web design rules, site navigation is an essential factor that the website design should adhere to. Site navigation should not only be logical but should also be organized in such a way that users can find their desired content easily and quickly. The proper organization of site navigation is key to motivating and encouraging visitors to browse through your site and thus resulting in the greatest amount of overall success. In this sense, a good website design would help you increase your overall profits because you would most probably get more new visitors.


Another essential aspect of web design rules that every web-site owner should follow is usability. Usability refers to the ease of browsing through a particular web-site. This does not only pertain to how easy the navigation is, but also to how well users can understand the visual presentation of the website. In short, usability focuses on how users can use the available features within the website.

Website Layouts

Another crucial factor that you must include in your website design is that of usability testing. Usability testing is a process wherein you can actually test out your website layouts and see if they are as user-friendly as you hoped they would be. But then again, in web design, you don’t just build a website layout design; you should also consider website layouts that are visually appealing as well. The reason why it’s essential to have attractive website layouts is because visitors would want to stay on your pages for as long as possible.

As a result, you have to make sure that whatever visual layout you have picked would be able to keep your users’ attention on your product or service. Thus, in web design, you have to remember that it is not enough to create a website layout that is appealing. You also have to make sure that the layout is user friendly. With a good usability, you can be assured of great traffic, which will then translate to more profit and revenue for your business. Thus, learn more about how you can incorporate usability into your web design through Infintech Designs that offers cost-effective, affordable web design and development service packages.

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